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Get it? Get it?

Whew. I've been knocking out one finished piece a day for the past couple of weeks. It's insane! I've never had output like this before.

Except the seventh one, which I hide behind this link, since it's a 10MB animation of Queequeg throwing a spear. This one's taken all month, as I draw one or two cells every lunch break. Thinking of adding a target for him to hit, too. Sh'yeah, that's right! I figured out how to make animations with Imageready!

Next month, there will be an exhibit of the work of all who had Fun-a-Day. It takes place at the NAVE Gallery in Somerville, MA. Oh, excitement; I'll get to see what everyone else has done!

Opening and Closing information can be found here. All my Queequegs are for sale (we can do trades too!), so you'll be able to get a better look at the gallery.

I am probably going to stop updating this blog and keep my other one instead. It's too much of a stupid fight to get my LJ to look professional.

I figured out google reader, and put all the LJs on my f-list in it, so I won't forget to check up on you. Thing is, google reader is the same thing as an f-list, except I can put in tumblrs, blogspots, flickr feeds, even frikkin dA accounts into it, so... the LJ f-list is really inferior! There goes all the reasons why I stay on LJ.


The queeest queg in the universe

Queequeg no. 6 has absconded with my knitting.

I decided to stop punishing myself, that it wasn't going to make me any more lovable or desirable, and start drawing again. Fun-a-day has hit Boston this year, so I threw my hat into the ring and announced a Queequeg-a-day on myself.

My drawing habits have grown larger than my scanner, so now I have to photgraph them and my web images aren't evenly lit.
Queequeg's a guy I can relate to.

Fun-a-day has been worth it just for this drawing.
It was going to say "Quee & Ishy: BFF FOREVER! LOL" on it, but changed my mind and erased the pencil later.

wrestle this

I dreamt of this crocodile a few nights ago. When I saw it I wanted to play it so badly, but the way it passed me put the keyboard upside down, so I held back.

My Livejournal's been freshened up, so it doesn't look so timid. Actually, it kinda reminds me of a tumblr.
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Using symbols that I didn't invent.

Here's a poster design for my friend at the Rabbit Hole in Fitchburg, MA. She found someone who can print 18x24 on demand, so this design will be for sale for just that large. From what I can tell, others are just digitizing older works and turning them into posters for sale, but I've never thought of my stuff normally as wall art, so I thought I'd start from scratch.

And I've been on a little bird kick.
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Aaaaaah you know what's great? Having that big roll of paper that I like to draw large on!

I sat horrified at the movie New Rose Hotel last night. Not "watch". "Sat horrified at". That movie is so awful!
But it made me think about my year's-old abandoned attempt to make a painting of the original short story by William Gibson.
So I spread out my huge paper and started drawing and, well, "Hinterlands" wanted to come out instead, which is okay because that's my other favorite short story by him. This is Charmian, doing what she does better than anyone else can.

Read what Wikipedia has to say about "Hinterlands" here. I know William Gibson's writings aren't insanely popular or anything. They should be, though.
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I won't let you forget, and I shouldn't.

I've drawn some other things, but lately I just hate scanning.
Thought I'd show a brief progression of the shower singer...

There's actually more that happens before this point, that I can't photograph. All the layout crap and rough sketches, and especially all the beating my head against a wall making color decisions. Oh, and all the ukulele playing, bejewel blitzing, knitting, reading, and other various procrastination because I AM ALWAYS DEATHLY AFRAID OF PUTTING THE FIRST MARKS ON THE FINAL PAPER.

It says "Since you're thinking of scrapping this anyway, you should go banshee on it." on the bottom, just in case you were wondering.

See finished painting here. When I look at it, all the work I layered on it disappears. Then I see these photos and I'm like "oh right! I wanted to kill myself over this painting!"

I posted this on do, and people loved his hairy toes the most. Those guys are great.

Thanks for reading!
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Drawing. Figures.

A figure drawing from a screenshot of Antichrist, a movie that, despite being the most beautiful film I've ever seen, I can't recommend to anyone. The human horror is so intense that I couldn't finish watching it (READ: almost throwing up and passing out on the bathroom floor).

And since I couldn't finish it, I'm going to be haunted by it forever. Good thing I have Wikipedia to tell me how it ends.

Biggest challenge was making Willem Dafoe look pretty.